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Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely Easter break.This term we will be enjoying learning through our topic, Pirate and witches and Trolls, Oh My! Our key text will be julia Donaldson's 'The Troll'. We will be consolidating and extending learning, making links across different familiar stories, exploring characters and settings. In maths we go beyond ten, using and building upon prior number knowledge and understanding. We will be exploring maps, bridges and our environment and of course we will be celebrating the coronation of King Charles. Fingers crossed we will also get some sunshine as we consider seasonal change and how this can be seen in our environment.smiley

Home Learning Challenges

Recipe book

Julia Donaldson Reading challenge and story characters challenge

Make your own Pirate ship and map.

Can you take a photo of your Pirate Family?

Make a tasty snack for the Troll/Pirates.