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As part of our topic 'Food Glorious Food', we are learning about chocolate. As part of Friday's lesson, we would like the children to evaluate existing chocolate products. If you are visiting the shop for essentials, it would be great if you could collect a small bar of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and flavoured chocolate so that your child can undertake the task. They will only require a small amount, so the chocolate could then be shared with other family members as an end of the week treat. 

Thank you 


Today's Timetable


Live Phonics Lesson - 10:00



Daily Mile

Live Story Time - 2:30



Today we are learning how to use question marks to punctuate sentences. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to a BBC Bitesize video, as well as today's sheet.


Live Phonics Lesson - 10:00

The link to the live phonics lesson has been sent via email. If you are unable to attend the live session, the PowerPoint will be available on this page of the website after the lesson.



Today we are learning about tens and ones. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to today's video. Today's worksheet is also at the bottom of the page. 


This half term we are learning about Easter and why Christians celebrate Easter.

Today we will be thinking about special visitors. 

What would you do if a member of the Royal Family came to visit? Watch some clips of the Queen visiting different places, there are clips on The Royal Family Channel on Youtube. How is the Queen being welcomed? How are the people welcoming her feeling? (worried, excited, happy) 

Who is special to you? What makes someone special?

Make a list of people that you think deserve a special welcome at home and school (relatives, friends, visitors in school,)

Are these special people all welcomed in the same way?


Daily Mile

It is now time to get some fresh air. You can complete the daily mile just like we do at school. How long can you run for?


Live Story - 2:30

The link to the live story time has been sent via email. This will be a lovely time to see some of your friends