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 As well as the daily activities remember to also practise writing your name with correctly formed letter shapes. If you are doing a great job with your first name you can practise your surname also.


Let's revisit last weeks digraphs (2 letters making one sound). Practise saying ar, or, ur, ow

Now look at the sounds on the sound mat and see if you can find a picture that contains that sound. Can you tick off all of the sounds on the sound mat? You could also try using words containing these digraphs in a spoken sentence.


You have each been allocated two books on Active learn linked with this weeks theme of camping, tents and shelters.

Elvis And The Trip (red level)

BugBoy:Spider Camp (yellow level)

Both books contain some of our tricky words and decodable words.

Share the books, talking about what happens and what might happen next.

You could make a list of tricky words you recognised in the text or draw a picture with labels of one or more events in the story. Enjoy.



Watch this cbeebies programme. The characters of Biggleton go camping. Each one packs different things.

What would you take on a camping adventure?

Draw pictures with labels or make a list. Remenber to say the word you want to write and then 'bubblegum' or 'robot arms' the sounds as you segment. (Just like we do in our live phonics learning).

We can't wait to see what you would pack. 

Thursday and Friday

Let's go on a Phonics Scavenger. Look at the sheet and find something in your house that starts with those letter sounds (phonemes.) You can simply find and collect the objects, take photos or use your letter sounds to write the words on the chart. On Friday you can give the extra challenge a go and find objects containing the digraphs listed.

Good luck. I wonder what you will findsmiley