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Let's revisit last weeks phonemes. Practise saying ai, ee, igh, oa and oo,

Now look at the sounds on the sound mat and see if you can find a picture that contains that sound. Can you tick off all of the sounds on the sound mat? You could also try using these words in a spoken sentence.


Lets look at last weeks sounds again but today we are going to practise writing them. Practise writing ai, ee, igh, oa and oo. Now look at the pictures say the word and decide which digraph they contain. You could also try using these words in a spoken sentence.

SUPER CHALLENGE: Write a sentence including one of the words from the sheet


Today we will be exploring freezing and melting. Get some ice cubes and put them in a tray and describe what you can see (you could also go through the ice cube making process with your child). What do they feel like? What do they look like? Can you predict what will happen to the ice cubes if we leave them in the tray?

Can you observe and describe what happens to the ice throughout the day? You could take pictures of the ice or record a video of the ice melting to rewatch later on. Was your prediction right? What could we do to the ice to make it last longer, are there places in the house we could put them to keep them cold? 

Discuss the words melted and melting with your child. You can use the document below to help support them with their describing.

Let's revisit non-fiction texts. Remember that a non-fiction text is a book that gives use facts and information - it doesn't tell us a story! Can you look through any books you may have at home and sort them into two groups. Are they fiction or non-fiction? You could look at the books that you have on Active Learn too!


Here are some simple sentence challenges for you to try at home. There are a couple of challenges to choose from including writing a list of words, writing your own sentence, or fixing a sentence that your grown up has gotten wrong! Can you choose two challenges to complete? Remeber to speak the sentence out loud first. Practise robot arms for spelling the simple words.