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Let's start by revisiting the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

Tell the story to family member using your storymap from last week.

You can use the puppets from the Topic section too to put on a show.

If you want to do extra you can use the sheet below to make silly sentences about the story.



We are now going to think about innovating the story. This means we will make changes. You may want to change the characters or the houses. Talk to your grown ups and decide which are your best ideas.


Today you are going to create a storymap for your new story. Miss Randall has begun innovating hers so take a look below. You could use stick it notes like in the example or you could draw a fresh storymap. Remember to keep remiding yourself what comes next. We cannot wait for you to share your ideas with us.


Practise telling your innovated story using your storymap. As you become more confident you can add actions, facial expressions and voices.

Extra challenge: Write labels for your storymap.

Superstar Challenge: Write one or more sentences about your new story or make a little book.


Share the book 'This Floats. This Sinks' on Active Learn. The Three Little Pigs is a fiction text but this is non-fiction.

Look for our tricky words and use your phonic skills to work out others.

This book links with some of your topic work this week. What did you already know about floating and sinking? What have you learned reading this book?