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Standhill Infants' School Staff



Mrs S Ghattaora – Headteacher

Miss R Randall - Deputy Headteacher/Data Protection Officer

Mrs A Thompson - SENCo

Mrs F Parr School Business Manager
Ms D Mear 
School Clerical Assistant
Mr R Mann
Site Manager


If you need to contact anyone at school, please get in touch.


Call in and see us, or telephone 0115 8476787; email, or write to Carlton Standhill Infants' School, Standhill Road, Nottingham NG4 1JL



Class 1: Foundation and Year One  Miss R Randall (Deputy Headteacher)

Class 2: Foundation and Year One  Mrs L Stead

Class 3: Year One   Mr C Worrall

Class 4: Year Two Mrs A Thompson (SENCo)

Class 5: Year Two Mrs N Magiera and Miss K Glover

PE Coach (Wednesdays) - Miss P Lockwood


Teaching assistants

  • Mrs N Rickman
  • Mrs H Osborne
  • Mrs J Clarke
  • Mrs C Wing
  • Mrs L Bakewell
  • Mrs J Smith
  • Miss J Scully


Lunchtime staff

Midday Supervisors:

  • Mrs T Soar
  • Mrs P Mackereth
  • Miss R Wollacott
  • Mrs F Majid
  • Mrs J Buckle
  • Mrs D Mear
  • Miss A Brennan

Senior Dining Assistant Mrs D Jackson,
Dining Assistant Mrs B Bernard


School crossing patrol officer Vacancy