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Here are some phonics activities for you to try at home.

Please send in any pictures or videos to your class teacher.

Activity 1: Here are the sounds that we have covered so far in Phonics. Can you say the sound and remember the action that goes along with it? You could practise every day to help you remember them. In Class 1 and Class 2 we have started the first four sounds in Phase 3 too (j, v, w, x),


Here are the songs that we used to help us in phonics. Take a listen and practise the sounds and actions. 

Jolly Phonics Songs! Letters and Sounds

Activity 2: Here are some more activities to help you segment and blend CVC words.

Activity 3: Here are some word building activities for you to try. Can you work out what each picture is and then fill in the gaps with the correct sounds? Each sheet has a different level of challenge for you to try.
Activity 4: Here are some oral blending and segmenting activities you can do at home.