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Reading and Oracy skills are key drivers for our curriculum at Standhill Infants and we are passionate about our children becoming keen and competent readers.


  • For our children to read age appropriate texts fluently and with good understanding.
  • For our children to develop the habit of reading for both pleasure and learning.
  • For children to re-tell stories with confidence.
  • For children to talk about what they have read, make predictions and develop preferences.



Alongside the daily systematic teaching of phonics your child is taught to read in many ways, including the following::

  • Quality texts that underpin the curriculum,
  • Guided Reading with books matched to phonics band.
  • Books matched to phonics phase to practise at home.
  • 1:1 reading where children are not ready to read in a group or as an extra read.
  • Whole class shared reading 
  • Children are read to at least twice a day by school adults.
  • Adults model an enthusiasm for reading.
  • Opportunities to share and talk about books in class Reading Areas.
  • Active Learn
  • Story quizzes and games.
  • Talk For Writing to build familiarity and confidence so children re-tell texts in detail.
  • Pie Corbett's Reading Spine and Poetry Spine for each year group.
  • Balloon Words (tricky words)
  • Opportunities for reading in the broad curriculum.
  • Developing comprehension skills.
  • Oracy and vocabulary development.



  • Weekly Bookshop
  • Half Termly visits to the local library for each class.
  • Reading Club (Drop Everything and Read)
  • World Book Day
  • Literacy Volunteers
  • Language Rich Environments
  • Links to Role Play
  • Reading Pups