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Welcome to Summer term. Class 1 continue to be happy and motivated learners. As we enter our final term of the year (how time flies!), we will be using the wonderful text, ‘The Troll’ by Julia Donaldson. We will be encouraging the children to compare and contrast with other books by this author, as well as learn to re-tell the story and innovate it. We began with a story hunt and the children were keen to talk about different characters and events. They are clearly already avid Julia Donaldson fans. They have also been very excited to draw maps and be Pirates in the role play Pirate ship. “Shiver me timbers.”

All the Troll wants is to catch a goat – but when a string of other creatures trip-trap over his bridge instead, he's stuck with boring old fish for supper. Meanwhile, Hank Chief and his pirate crew love fish but they can’t cook. Could a chance meeting lead to a happy ending?

In Maths we are now moving to ‘Twenty and beyond’, having worked hard to gain a deep understanding of numbers and patterns within 10.

Practise these great songs with your child and when they know them well they can perform them for you.blush


The Gruffalo Storybook, song and video!!

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book Song Lyric Video

I do not own any rights on the song. This is for educational purposes for home based learning. Credits to the owners and singers of the song indicated at the...