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Here are some activities for you to have a go at based around real-life superheroes in our community.

Please send in any pictures or videos to your class teacher.

Activity 1: Here is a powerpoint with information on people who help us. You could use this to talk about the different people who help us in our community and how they help us. 

Activity 2: Here is a 'people who help us' cutting skills activity. Can you hold your scissors correctly and follow the lines to cut them out?

Activity 3: Here is a 'people who help us' pencil control activity. Don't forget to hold your pencil correctly and follow the lines carefully. 
Activity 4: Can you work out which real-life superhero is needed to solve each problem? You could cut them out and stick them in the correct place or discuss it with your grown up. What would each person to do help? 
Activity 5: Who is your favourite real-life superhero? Could you draw and talk about who it is and why they are your favourite?
Activity 6: Here is a quiz based on people in our community that help us. Can you work out who the right person is to help with the problem?