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As well as the daily activities remember to also practise writing your name with correctly formed letter shapes. If you are doing a great job with your first name you can practise your surname also.
Let's revisit some of last weeks sounds. We will focus on the two digraphs 'oi' and 'er'. Practise saying those sounds and writing them too. Can you work with your grown up to work out what each picture is and write the words underneath. Can you colour in the pictures that have the 'oi' and the 'er' sound in? You can either fill in the boxes that have some sounds already or challenge yourself to segment the whole word on your own. The answers are at the bottom too to help you if you are stuck. 
Today we are doing another revisit but with the trigraphs (3 letters that make one sound). Let' have a go at finding and writing the words that contain the 'ear' sound and the 'air' sound. Practise saying the sound and writing it first before you start. Remember you can use the sheet with some sounds in already to get you started but if you want a challenge, you can have a go at segmenting the whole word yourself!
Read the story of the Three Little Pigs. There is a video of the story below for you to watch too. Get to know the story as much as you can. Can you have a go at retelling the story to your grown up? Who are the characters in the story? Who is the baddie? What happens to the three little pigs? Have a go at some of the activities below to familiarise yourself with the story and characters. You can role-play the story and pretend you are one of the characters. 
Have a go at sequencing the story in the correct order. Rewatch the Twinkl story above to help you. 
Can you have a go at retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs using the story map below? Try and remember what happens next. You can use actions to help you remember each part of the story.
Have a go at making your Three Little Pigs story map. Use the story map from yesterday to help you. Remember to draw what happens in the story and then think about what happens next. Keep revisiting your story map to help you retell the story to others.