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Here are some Topic challenges for you to select from. They are related to our theme Houses And Homes. Enjoy!
This week we are looking at houses from places that are very cold! Below is a powerpoint about igloos and the Inuit people that use igloos as shelter. There are lots of interesting facts to learn!
Can you use the pictures below to make your own polar scene? You could use cold, wintery colours too. You could label your pictures or stick them to lollipop sticks to create your own role-play.
Here are some instructions to make your own igloo at home.

Here is some information to share with your child all about Winter. There are also some Topic related words that will be useful to share and talk about. You could even use the words to write a sentence, Remeber to speak the sentence out loud first.


Can you learn some facts about Winter and make sure that you know how to be ready for cold weather. You could practise getting yourself dressed and wrapped up warm with your hat, scarf and gloves! Which part of your body does each piece of clothing keep warm? You could draw a picture of yourself wearing your winter clothes and label them using the key words below.

Here are some daily PE challenge cards from Next Level Sports. Can you complete the challenge?