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Let's revisit some of last weeks digraphs (2 letters making one sound). Practise writing sh and ch.

Now look at the pictures say the word and decide which digraph they begin with. You could also try using these words in a spoken sentence.

SUPER CHALLENGE: Write a sentence including one of the words from the sheet.


Log on to Active Learn. We have allocated a book called 'Different Homes'. Enjoy reading this with an adult.

Is it a story? No it's non-fiction and gives us information. Look at the Contents page and think about what it's for.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you find any other non-fiction books ?


Make your own non-fiction book about houses. This can be as simple as folding a piece of paper in half.

It will need a front cover, title and the name of the author..... that's you!

You can include pictures, labels and even simple sentences if you feel ready to have a go.

We can't wait to read them.

Thursday and Friday

Look at a picture and write a simple sentence to go with it. We have used all these phonemes before. Remeber to speak the sentence out loud first. Practise robot arms for spelling the simple words.

Tip for grown ups - the simple sentences are all written on the final slide!