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It looks like Standhill has been visited by a Bear! I wondered why he has came into school! He has left a letter for us to read. Can you and your grown up read the letter to find out why the Bear has come into school? Take a look below to find the letter - don't forget to keep checking back in the week incase he leaves something else for us to read!

It sounds like the Bear is really sad and needs a friend to cheer him up. Can you think of something you could do to make the Bear feel better? You could draw him a picture to make him happy - don't forget to add labels to your picture. Think about what you would do to help your friend feel better. What kind things could you say to the Bear to make him smile?
It looks like the Bear has sent you another letter! Could you write one back to him? He wants to know a little bit more about you and what makes you special. Can you send him a 'Dear Bear' letter and tell him all of the things that would make you a good friend? You could tell him what you like to play, what you are good at doing or what makes you happy. I am sure he would love to make some new friends! 

Do you have a special Teddy Bear at home? Could you draw a picture of your Teddy Bear and think about what makes them special to you. You could send a video in explaining to the Bear why your Teddy is so special to you. Don't forget to use full sentences and a big clear voice so he can hear you!


Maybe the Bear has a special Teddy that he could cuddle to make himself feel better. You could ask him at the end of your video!


Today you are going to learn some facts about real bears! There are lots of different kinds of bears, they aren't all the same! Can you and your grown up go through the Powerpoint and learn some interesting facts about Bears. Can you remember and retell any facts to another grown up or a friend? Here are some questions to get you started...

What do bears look like? Do they all look the same? 

What do the bears eat? 

Where do bears live?


Make your own non-fiction book about bears. This can be as simple as folding a piece of paper in half.

It will need a front cover, title and the name of the author..... that's you!

You can include pictures, labels and even simple sentences if you feel ready to have a go. You could describe what the bears look like, for example: 'They have sharp claws.' or 'They can have brown hair.' You can include what they might eat or where they might live. You can use the information from yesterday to help you!