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   Our Intent

To provide our children with a strong foundation for understanding number, reasoning,thinking logically and problem-solving so they are competent and successful mathematicians. We aim for the children to see Maths as an enjoyable area of learning and to tackle it with resilience. We want our children to see the importance of Maths in their everyday and future lives. We aim for the children to make rich connections, develop fluency and confidently use mathematical language. We intend for all our children to apply their maths learning to other areas of the curriculum and their daily lives.




Children are taught Maths daily. This may be a 'daily dollop' of mental and oral maths, an outdoor learning opportunity or a teacher led lesson followed by independent learning.

  • We use White Rose maths to plan teaching in line with the National Curriculum progression.
  • We also use NCETM and Numberblocks to embed our childrens' learning.
  • We use a mastery approach to ensure our children have deep understanding and build fluency.
  • A CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, abstract) approach supports children and deepens understanding. 
  • All children use a range of manipulatives in their Maths lessons. We support especially with Numicon to help develop maths understanding.
  • We prioritise the use of mathematical language. Oracy skills are vital and children are encouraged to verbally practise. This may be saying a whole equation out loud or using mathematical language to explain, justify and prove.
  • Maths has strong cross-curricular links and we feel it is important that children see and understand how Maths permeates many aspects of life.