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Topic activities 11th May

Your topic learning this week is based on the story 'The Very Busy Spider' By Eric Carle. The animated version of this story is available on the Literacy page. 


The spider in the story is very busy doing what spiders do best... building a web! You may have seen a spider a few weeks ago on your minibeast hunt. This week, your challenge is to see whether you can find a spider web. Look very closely - what can you see? What do you notice? Perhaps you could take a picture or have a go at drawing it. 

Top Tip - Spider webs are really lovely to look at when it has been wet and drizzly outside. 


Here are some spider activities you may like to try: 

Do you remember where the spider makes the web? Yes, that's right - on the farm! 

Here are some farm activities for you to try at home: