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Listen carefully to the story 'The Troll' by Julia Donaldson. 


Talking time:

Discuss the key events in the story - here are some question ideas to lead your discussion:

* Who lived under the bridge? / Who lived in a ship?

* What did the troll eat? / Why couldn't the troll eat any goats?

* What did the troll say when he heard a noise on his bridge?

* Did the troll eat the spider? Why not? 

* Can you spot the rhyming words on the pirate's treasure map? 

* What is the troll looking for? What are the pirates looking for?

* Who found the treasure chest first?

* What did the troll do with the gold coins when he found them?

* What did the pirates see when they opened up the treasure chest?

* Why did the pirates decide to let the troll stay on their pirate ship? 


Additional activities: 

Who is in the story? Can you identify all of the characters? You may need to watch the video more than once to check that you have them all! You could draw and label them. You could even try writing a sentence about them. 

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