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Home learning photos

Rose has already been a busy bee! Well done!

Ruby has made a fantastic rocket!

Check out Maxx's amazing space model!

Jude has been practising reading and spelling tricky words. Well done!

Jude and Mummy going outrageously orange for Maggie's!

Jude's excellent rocket!

Alistair's amazing alien!

Alistair's gone outrageously orange for Maggie's and done some outrageously good work!

Al's brilliant seasons poster and his super, sparkly snowflakes!

Jessica has been hard at work! Great job Jess!

Jess has gone outrageously orange for Maggie's!

Gracie has been working hard. Great work Gracie!

Gracie has been working hard during the phonics sessions. Well done!

Zoe has worked her socks off this week. Well done! Here's Zoe with her super dooper rocket!

Becky has gone outrageously orange for Maggies and done some fantastic work!

More brilliant work by Becky! Love the information book about the solar system!

Amelia has been busy at home and getting into the festive spirit!

Ari has been working so hard at home. Amazing work Ari!

Isabelle's incredible rocket inspired by her (pre-lockdown and pre-isolation) trip to the Space Centre! Super work Isabelle!

Erica has been keeping busy and working hard at home. Excellent work Erica!

Darcy has been doing some maths work and check out her wonderful gingerbread house!

Look at what Clara has been up to. Well done Clara! What a brilliant artist you are!

Ella's worked so hard and has been doing her exercises too. Well done Ella, you are AMAZING!

Ella's magnificent rocket!

Charlotte has worked so hard at home. Excellent work Charlotte, well done!