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Friday 3rd April

Have you been enjoying the beautiful sunshine? Have you noticed any changes when you look out of you window? What is happening to the trees?

Today your Literacy challenge is all about Spring!

Here is some information to get you started. How do we know it is Spring? Discuss your ideas with a grown-up, remembering to speak clearly and in full sentences. 

Please choose an activity which is best suited to the needs of your child:


Activity 1: 

Draw and label pictures of things that remind you of Spring. Remember to use your phonics to sound out the words. 

Can you write a short sentence to match?

Activity 2:

Write sentences to match the Spring pictures.


Don't forget: smiley

Say the sentence before you write it down. 

Use your phonics to sound out words.

Try to form your letters correctly, starting and finishing in the write place.

Use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces between words.

Check your writing makes sense. 

Extra challenge: 

Complete the reading comprehension.