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Friday 27th March

Activity 1:

LIVE: A virtual zoo day at Chester Zoo


Chester Zoo are offering a live virtual tour via Facebook from 10am today! 

Here they promise all of your favourite animals as they open their 'virtual gates' and offer you a day of animal antics live from you home! 


Please follow the link below for all information on how you can access this fantastic experience! 


Possible follow up activities: 


Research more about your favourite animals online and find out some new facts!

Draw and label your favourite animal.

Create your own non-fiction book including fun facts.

Create your favourite animal using pens, collage materials, paints or even construction! 



Activity 2:

Let's get creative!


For this activity, you will need to have a rummage through your recycling bin! Your challenge is to see what you can make using the boxes and containers you find. You could use old cereal boxes, toilet rolls or egg boxes... it does not matter how many you have. Your models do not need to be painted, they do not have to have 'fancy' accessories- try and be imaginative with what you have to hand smiley I am sure you will make some wonderful creations!


Here are some ideas to start you off:

Practise your cutting skills using the activities below: