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Read the poems. Can you identify the ryming words in the poems? Use the rhyming words sheet or think of rhyming words of your own and write your own rhyming sentences. E.g I kicked my new ball. It bounced over the wall. We'd love to see what you come up with.

Read through the information about alliteration then have a go at writing some sentences using alliteration. E.g Silly Sam slipped on a squashed strawberry.

Are you ready to rap? Read through the poem together. Can you put actions to the poem and use your voice for effect? Then have a go at answering the questions about the poem.

Read the poetry books saved on your active learn accounts and answer the bug questions. You can use the read to me button if it's tricky. Which is your favourite poem and why?

When you have done that, practise the real and alien words below.

Read through the information and answer the questions. You don't need to write down the answers for questions 1-6, but you can write your answer to question 7 in your book.