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Read the poems together. Can you identify the rhyming words? Look at the rhyming word sheet. Can you think of one more rhyming word for each of the sets of rhyming words on there? E.g dog, log, frog...bog. Choose two ryming words and write them in your books. You could try putting them into sentences that rhyme.

Choose some of the words from the sheet and write 3 words that rhyme with them in your book. Can you have a go at writing a silly sentence using the words? E.g Ten men couldn't find a pen.

Read through the poem with someone at home. Can you put actions and sound effects to it? Then have a go at answering the questions.

Read the poetry books saved on your active learn account and answer the bug questions. You can use the read to me button if it's tricky. Which is your favourite poem and why?

Read through the information and have a go at answering the questions all about Advent. You don't need to write down the answers for questions 1-5, but you can write about what you do during Advent in your books.