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Take a look at the adjectives input together then have a go at the adjectives task. You can write in the books that were in the packs you took home, no need to print anything.

Can you write the letters of the alphabet in lower case and upper case? Have a go at the alphabet game on active learn. Look through the information on capital letters and then have a go at the activity.

Read the text and then answer the questions. Remember to use your phonics and blend sounds to read words.

Look through the 'using and' information. Have a go at the activity on your active learn account then complete the activity in your books.

On Friday the children and grown-ups in school will be wearing orange or another bright colour for the charity Maggie's. We can join in too. Draw a picture of yourself in your bright clothes and write a sentence or two about what you are wearing and why you are wearing it. You could copy the Maggie's logo into your books and decorate it.